Iceage – New Brigade album review

The first thing that came to my mind when I had to slog through Ice Age’s latest offering, a 12 song LP called New Brigade, was ugh.

This redundant punk slop from a band of teenage boys is just tiring. The introduction sounds like a bunch of half-assed noise and the songs that traipse after that only echo these so-called efforts.

Where does Pitchfork get off by saying they sound “old beyond their years”? They sound exactly like their age; inexperienced, lazy little punk rock wanna-be’s who thrive on redundancy and stale material. Altered Zones is saying they “have in them…greatness.” Okay, well maybe if Ice Age listen to a broader range of music and stray away from the comatose generic punk-trying-to-be-creative-sound, then maybe they’ll at least have in them something interesting. Not to mention their creative name, which is already being used by at least 2 other 80’s has-been hair bands.

Hailing from Copenhagen, their blog has them selling merch, touring the States like fiends and has a slew of pictures on there of them screaming into mic’s and the faces of other aggressive little teenagers.

No, I’m not some bitter old grandma, but come on, give me some fuckin new punk. This has been done. This has been done, chewed up, spit out, and shat on. Punk rock, man.

There blog can be viewed here

By Caile Michelle


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