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MVRemix was able to take a minute with Fix Frontman, Avery, to discuss what it is they are, how, who, when, where and why; a week before Fix’s first German tour.

MVRemix: So, let me get this right- you’re a Canadian, in a band in Germany, who sings English, German, and more often than both, Japanese?

Avery: That sounds about right. Well, I don’t know if a few lines of German here and there uttered terribly counts as singing, but we’re so far well received.

MVRemix: Let’s start with the fact that, you’re not from Germany, are you?

Avery: Well, no, I guess. I mean, if you go back far enough, I guess I have ancestral routes in Heidelberg, Germany, I believe. That’s all lost in the pages of history though, you’d sooner find my relation to you, your neighbour, and that crazy guy across the street if we went back far enough to say, Central Africa.

MVRemix: Right… so, who’s Fix and how’d you get involved.

Avery: I am Fix…. [laughs] It’s an interesting story, actually. I was in Germany in 2010 for some TV appearance work, and then I wound up in the fifth row of a Luna Sea concert. It’s really interesting that I was able to see Luna Sea, in Germany of all places, and that I was in on my Japanese press connection. I was also helping some friends of mine with their publication at the time, and we wound up securing a great set of seats for all of us. There was this one guy with us though, who I thought was a friend of my friend, and I started chatting. Fast forward 8 months and we’re going on tour!

MVRemix: So you made friends with your friend’s friend and the rest was history?

Avery: Well, that’s not entirely true. [laugh] You see Tama, the guy, wasn’t actually friends with who I thought he was. No matter though, we just, you know, clicked. I knew right then when he started talking about music, that I wanted to work with him on my next project. He just got it. Openly against industrial music, which really is my life blood; however I forgave him for that [laughs] as soon as we really got talking.

MVRemix: Weren’t you in Canada as an actor for most of 2011? How are you touring Germany?

Avery: Well, if Tool, Linkin Park, U2, and pretty much every other band in the world can work via proxy, so can we. We live in an age where, for the most part, information is You see, Tama has so far written ever song entirely. I mean, the band and I, we go over it and change things, Fix’s sound really, is Tama’s creation. I’m lucky to have met this guy, did I mention he’s only 17! I mean, he writes with more soul and feeling than people three times his age. How we’re touring, actually, is mostly a result of Germany’s Rock Around The World planning, and it’s strong radio audience’s support. We love them. Without their help, I don’t think I’d have been able to meet so many awesome artists and musicians here in Germany.

MVRemix: So how does the rest of the band fit into the picture?

Avery: Well, initially the technical side was Tama and I, however Jannis, who joined us early 2011 along with (King) Khang. Jannis really the most professional musician I’ve ever worked with, including my prior bands from Japan, Rend0rphine & Kissin’ Silver; which both had pro session musicians in them. The chemistry we have, for a new and young band especially, really blows me away, I mean, these are high-schoolers, and it’s all so right. Recently our puzzle was completed with Flo, who’s joining as a full member, right before our national tour.

MVRemix: So tell us about your music, you’re listed as “Metaclash Phase Metal”. It isn’t exactly a house hold name. I’ve also seen you listed as J-Rock and Visual-Kei, but you don’t look very Visual, and you’re not from Japan.

Avery: Well, the only thing really J-Rock or Visual, so far, is perhaps some of our collective interests and some of Tama’s riff arrangements. You’re right “we” aren’t from Japan, the majority of us, constituting a “we”, are German. I, however, did grow up and spent most of my life in Japan, if that counts? My last two bands were “full fledged” J-Rock bands. I don’t think we’re a Visual-Kei band though, I mean we like a few Visual bands, but the members won’t even wear make up, so how Visual is that [laughs] We’re not too concerned with being categorized at this point. I guess another reason we get classified as “J-Rock” is my close relationship and credits with a few current J-Rock types. Basically, we want to have a lot of fun making music people enjoy and sharing my somewhat anti-establishmentarian [laughs] messages everywhere we go!

MVRemix: Speaking of your lyrics, from what I understand that is, what is the main message with Fix?

Avery: Well, it no secret that our name refers to narcotics, in the sense of having to have that something to make you feel complete. A fix. I guess any of the sexual context could be interpreted the same way? Well, at the end of it all, all a fix really is is an emotion and a sensation that distracts you from what’s bothering you, right? Well, if you think about it, much of what bothers people is just that: emotions and sensations, triggered both by internal and external strife. There’s always a positive and a negative, the constant struggle of freedom versus determination; and the “fix” we aim to provide is to address, and undress these subjects. Subjects which we all know too well. Strife, angst, loves won and loves lost, emptiness, clarity, liberation, and growth. The current trend, or album if you will, of Fix, seems to be overcoming personal challenges and the emotions and sensations that hold us down, as people, in life.

MVRemix: So, what’s next for Fix?

Avery Fane: Everything [laughs]. After this tour, details on our facebook page, we’re effectively standing down for a while the band can focus on graduation and I can get back to acting for a while. One day I guess we’ll have a dot com. This is the indie game, right, Y’know what I mean? The main reason we’re calming down, however, is to head back to the drawing board based on feedback from our shows, which by the way will be ever evolving in themselves. We’re not only going to focus on recording our songs properly into a full album, but also to work with other artists around the world, and perhaps another tour in 2011, if not then for sure in 2012. I’m not allowed to say much more, under pain of group beatings [laughs] but let me just say that there’s a lot coming down the pipe for Fix, and there’s reasons that so little content is currently released, but that we’ll fully make up for it in the near future. As we like to say, “HELPusFIXyou”.

Fix are playing six shows across Germany, and details can be found at Fix will be touring with Japanese metal group ButaKazock and from the sounds of it, there’s a lot of surprises in the works! If you’re in Germany, these are shows you don’t want to miss.

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