Kate Simko – Lights Out album review

Kate Simko has released the album “Lights Out” with help of the Hello? Repeat and Spectral Sound record labels on June 13th. This soothing house album is full of danceable music suitable anywhere from the nightclubs to your laundry mat.

The lack of lyrics on Lights Out makes for an easy listening experience and can serve as filler music or anytime you want music that isn’t too consuming to listen to around the house.  However, with all of the different instruments that were used in production, Lights Out is far from a boring listen.

“Flight into BA” is the second song, it has a pumping drum track, fat, funky bass, and features a siren that really gives the song have an “uptown” urban feel. Flight Into BA has one repeated hook, in which Kate Simko sings with a male backup vocal, “You know what we got is true, how it goes down from here is up to you.” Flight Into BA actually makes a second appearance at the end of the album as an instrumental only version of the song.

“Had It All” is another good song on Lights Out. There is a very futuristic sound to this song. Kate repeats “if you had it all, if you had it all” and the finger snapping and hand clapping sections make it a feel-good song to really get you into a groove.

“Mind on you” and “Cairo” are also noteworthy songs on Lights Out.

The funky vibe of Lights Out seems like Kate Simko has found a way to breathe new life into old school funk, with a mixed of today’s house music. Throughout the album, Kate Simko displays her production skills and it’s no surprise that this person was once a DJ.

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