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Pop Evil – War Of Angels album review

Five piece Michigan rock-pop band release their latest; War of Angels. Pop Evil is one of the many bands that will always confuse and concern me. You see Pop evil consists of musicians, “real” musicians, and I don’t mean that in a, “Whoa dude, you’re real” way, but in the sense that they know how to play their instruments, write catchy songs, and a vocal range is present with front man Leigh Katkaty. However this all gets horrifically lost in the midst of slimey record producers and the mass media who have lost their brain cells to microwaves and the primitive sound quality on Rock Band. All that being said, this album blows, this band blows, their music videos especially blow and it’s too bad because a sense of musicianship is somewhere in there, drowned in Slash nostalgic guitar riffs and octaves that should be saved exclusively for blowjob groans.

The talent is prevalent in the song “Monsters You Made” which is slightly more subtle lyrically and compassionate in subject matter, this deserves respect no matter what. “Next Life” contains some serious guitar licks as does “I’ll Do Better Next Time” which also contains sincerity.

For the most part “War of Angels” is a long session of obnoxious and repetitive lyrics that plant an ear parasite. Over that you have too cool for school power chords lost in a drum machine. If Linkin Park, Nickelback and Seether had some disgusting threesome this album would be it’s groaning love child.

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