Gardens & Villa – Gardens and Villa album review

It’s a dangerous time for indie rock. Though still popular, and likely to remain so for at least another half-decade, the originality of indie seems to be waning rapidly. Because listeners still clamor for it, it’s easy for indie bands to reach at least modest success without doing much of anything. Gardens and Villa, hailing from Santa Barbara, is likely to end up with a similar fate.

Gardens and Villa, the self-titled debut, is sometimes funky, sometimes dreamy, but it fails to excite or surprise the listener. The lyrics are pretty vague, as is typical with indie rock, but on some songs are actually cringe-worthy. On “Orange Blossoms,” lead singer Chris Lynch sings in a funky falsetto of “buzzing around your leaves, to pollinate means ecstasy.” The flute is a nice touch, but it can’t make up for lyrics that cheesy.

Gardens and Villa are good enough musicians, and Lynch’s singing especially is top notch. The problem is it doesn’t mean anything. You can tell they take themselves pretty seriously, so then why are they singing about “dandelions flying high through the marmalade skies?” Gardens and Villa is inoffensive background music, and though the kids might like it, they are unlikely to be making waves anytime soon.

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