Vondelpark – NYC Stuff and NYC Bags EP review

Vondelpark, the geographical place, is a public park in Amsterdam – that place where prostitution and weed are legal. At one time, it was about to be legal to have sex in this public park, so long as these consenting adults partook in the act away from the playgrounds and in the evening hours. Then the police spoiled their fun and didn’t allow any coitus to occur in public without consequences. On the bright side, you can still find some enjoyment in the electronic musical talents of the band named Vondelpark. This Brit group’s latest EP is surprisingly splendid.

Synthy goodness will meet you upon the first track of five, “TV,” along with some ghostly vocals, and really slick guitars. The voices, which really do sound like they’re coming from beyond the grave, distract from the song only slightly, and just enough to make this a really chill track. It’s not exactly upbeat, but it’s got a sort of happy undertone despite its vocals. It’s definitely my favorite from the EP.

“Camels” is a laid-back tune, that I didn’t like on the first listen, but it sort of grew on me. The whole album really started to grow on me, and I didn’t think it’d have the power to do so. The songs have the same basic formula, with a drum machine backing a mix of smooth synths, a bit of vocals, bass and guitar. Some are more interesting than others, as “Hipbone” doesn’t seem to have much going on – yet after a few listens, it just works. Everything clicks, and you start to really experience a nice melodic set of sound waves (which is pleasant to write a review to, if I may add).

Why? It seems as though you gotta settle into the groove of Vondelpark’s music. It’s an acquired taste of sorts that I don’t think everyone will enjoy, and those who do, may not enjoy it all the time. Like Jägermeister. Or whatever alcoholic drink you decide to delve into. In the end, the important thing is that you won’t suffer from a bad headache when listening to the lovely electronic Vondelpark, unlike a hangover from a night of Jägerbombs.

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