The Asteroids – The Golden Age EP review

Alright! Now this (‘this’ being The Golden Age, an EP from Copenhagen band, Asteroids) is pretty fresh. You know you’ve made it as a pop band in 2011 when your music is being used by Ipod and that TV show, Gossip Girl (which seems to be one huge glutton for gathering up as many blitzy current pop jams as can fit into their teenage-televised hands).

The first song, same name as the EP, is a tight, poppy rock-out with blistering horns and this syrupy European female vocalist. (Mette Lindburg)

The second, Fantasy Friend, reminds me of that one song (does anyone remember “Stop” by the Spicegirls?) with a mixture of some uppers-riddled disco fever madness thrown into a concrete wall of sharp, in-your-fucking-face pop.

Of course, Asteroids makes the typical 2011 claim of being a “psychedelic pop” band but they also say they’re acid jazz, and on tracks like Runner, that wild true jazz bleeds through, as well as busy, yes, maybe even psychedelic, piano tricklings running rampant in the background.

Ironically enough, it was the recently deceased Amy Winehouse who asked Asteroids to open for her when she was playing in Copenhagen, which lead to their recognition. (Asteroids have also unfortunately opened for Katy Perry.)

The Golden Age EP is their 5th; Fruit was their only LP, released in 2009. Maybe it’s for the best they keep it short and sweet. Their vocalist kind of reminds me of a cat in pain and is either compelling or just plain irritating. (The proof is in One giant freak for mankind.) Ouch.

By Caile Michelle


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