Washed Out – Within and Without review

From the opening ebbtide of synths on “Eyes Be Closed” to languid vocal trailings on “Soft” and then the thoughtful piano closer “A Dedication”, Ernest Greene’s finished debut product, Within and Without aches of longing and indolent, using silky synth and simple, comforting beats. While the music has a wide-open sensuality, it certainly has a home across many sub-genres such as house, techno, chillwave and maybe, on occasion electro-classic.

This is an album from a producer-songwriter who began composing and posting the loops he created on his laptop to MySpace and soon found an avid following. The album’s effort and upgraded production values (he now has a studio and real instruments) shine through, surrounding Greene’s writing and arranging with intentional elegance.

Taken in track order or mixed up, there isn’t a missed beat on the whole album and every song is beautifully different.

“You and I” features Caroline Polachek from Chairlift in a sexy spoken interlude, sure to make anyone lay back and listen, and translates well in any language. The title song’s lyrics are only four lines long and repeated once, but they curl up around the atmospheric elements and honeyed vocals so that you can almost chew the intensity of the passion.

It’s so wonderful.

This is lush, not at all mushy and the music never wanders. Greene hints at having more things to say and ways to say it, so even though there are only nine songs here, the promise of more is on the horizon. His blog followers will not be the only ones rewarded when that happens.

Recommended for download.

By H0ney

H0ney is an avid music lover based in the Puget Sound. She enjoys all genres, but especially likes the indie/alt/industrial styles.

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