Samiyam – Sam Baker’s Album review

Michigan born talent machine releases his widely anticipated second full length album simply titled the Sam Baker Album. Mr. Baker is no stranger to experimental trip hop as he creates it himself and produces a variety of artists such as Flying Lotus.

The album is a long-winded exploration into relaxation and inspiration. Listeners are greeted at the beginning of the temple with “Escape” a slow sludgy welcome, this is followed by the sexy “Bedtime” which begins the cycle of perpetual ambience. The soft and slow continues until the masculine and regenerative track “Brick” hits which sounds like the feeling those who enjoy the affects of being mega stoned experience. A generous string of experimenting, sexy smoothness and relaxing rhythm continues with no hint of repetition.

This is what it sounds like when an experimental producer makes an album after years of personal musical experience, he is able to listen to his bizarre yet polished music objectively and realize what is satisfying to the human ear.

Throughout the album a variety of samples ore offered including some pieces from “Trailer Park Boys” which is possibly a piece of social commentary or just his personal shout out, either it works and contributes to the many textures we here in this journey through sound.

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