The Glitch Mob – We Can Make The World Stop EP review

Picture a trio of futuristic, minimalistic, well-dressed robotic men from L.A. chilling with Daft Punk’s younger brother in an aluminum room in the lower chambers of a space station, sipping from metal containers and wearing sunglasses at night. They have a bunch of lava lamps, the lights are turned down low, and the room reveals a hint of mysterious and luscious décor. They are having a party with some elusive evening guests, and as they begin to spin, we get a brief glimpse of “The Glitch Mob” in their recent three-track Ep “We Can Make The World Stop.”

Things begin with a warm-up. Daft Punk’s younger brother has the floor, and he controls the mood while the boys get limber and prepare to slide into the night with the title track. Heads begin to nod and feet begin to move; the atmosphere begins to get colourful, and the dancers slowly awaken as the dance floor fills with the overflow of a hazy after-hours lounge. The guests arrive with “Warrior Concerto,” and faces turn upward with a synth string ostinato that tumbles into a sleek glitch groove. Things seem to click here, and “The Glitch Mob” slip into something more comfortable, and then they paint it exotic in timbre, tonality and texture with “Palace of The Innocents,” which is arguably the best track on the Ep, and the final word on the dance floor.

“The Glitch Mob” brew a few late night cocktails and serve up a fine tasting of trance-hop, glitch-groove, and other hyphenated varieties to get you through your three am insomnia with percussive fuzz, slick drums, and wicked bass lines that will take you back to your lucid evening and on into the deep night. The L.A.- based trio are no strangers to the scene, and “We Can Make The World Stop” may be an after-dinner dessert to their debut release “Drink The Sea,” and if you haven’t experienced the 2010 release yet, give it a spin and then follow it up with this mini midnight snack.

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