The Men – Leave Home review

The Men know how to fake a listener’s ear. Leave Home starts with a few minutes of hazy noise. Feedback whines, another guitar clanks and wobbles, sketching out a scarce melody. It could be preparation for some epic rock, or double as just a meandering study in tone and dissonance, but by the middle Leave Home, things have fall apart severely.

There are only eight songs on Leave Home, and they do experiment with all sorts of sounds that came in the wake of the punk movement. There’s shades of post punk, metal and even some hardcore. Every track hits, and every blow comes at you from a different angle.  I was surprised how much of this album was instrumental.  This is probably for the best because the lyrics are unintelligible, but that’s the punk influence bleeding out of this album.

To those who like to dive deep into the tides and trends of the punk sea, this could be an enjoyable album. There are plenty of different sounds so there are probably multiple tracks that you can pick out and add to a playlist.  There are tacks that feel in some ways shoegaze, but there are other’s that as stated before could be put on any hardcore album.  I suggest you check out Leave Home if you have had a bad day, or just want to get your blood pumping.

By Charles Sullivan

Charlotte, NC. Music Junkie.

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