Little Dragon – Ritual Union review

Multi-faceted, like a diamond… As I am a visual person, this is what the third studio release, Ritual Union, by Little Dragon, looks like; a diamond, multi-faceted, glistening from every angle.
Every song is a different facet of the same group of people making music together, and the core of it all (or rather what keeps it recognizable as the same band) are the soft vocals of Yukimi Nagano.

Ritual Union, Nightlight and Shuffle A Dream are the songs on this album that compel me to hit repeat, though this is an album I could easily listen to from Ritual Union to Seconds, while working quite productively, being led by Nagano’s vocals with an upbeat pace set by her buddies Erik Bodin, Fredrik Källgren Wallin and Håkan Wirenstrand.

Yeah, I said upbeat, though the album has kind of a drum ’n’ bass-y tone, as well as an R&B tone where you’d expect the smooth vocal stylings of D’Angelo conversing with Nagano’s, the overall tone is upbeat and full of anticipation; each song is kind of like a surprise upon first listen, like admiring a diamond…

Multi-faceted. How many albums can you recall, being able to play when you feel like dancing because, say, perhaps, that lady/gent you’ve been crushing on FINALLY called, then later that eve, when you’re back at your place, when you turn the lights down low a bit, and Oh, look what’s queued up on iTunes- Ritual Union, by Little Dragon, of course- can you make out to?

Perfect for starting the day, perfect for ending the day.

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