The Men – Leave Home review

It is a special feeling when an artist puts out a new record, and it totally blows your mind. For me, the four piece post punk band hailing from Brooklyn, New York known as “The Men” have done that very exact thing. Leave Home embodies the exact blue print for how a band should make a record. This feeling hasn’t been felt in a really long time, and The Men have really makes you believe that good music is still being made.

This eight track LP can be summed up in many phrases and words. The initial run through, just had me in shock and awe. After the mind blowing first run through, I had to listen to it a few more times to gather all the thoughts for this review.

One thing you will notice a lot of the album is instrumental, but the music is really in your face, hard, and angry. The sounds of the guitar, the vocals, and the drum arrangements are enough to say that this is a genuine punk sound.  You can feel the influences in each song. The track “Think” reminds me of a lost Misfits song.  Its great to hear an old school type punk song like “Think”. The track really brings you back to the roots of punk.

The production value also a stand out on this record. The way the drums sound, the vocals, the dirty and sleazy way the guitars sound just makes you want to jump in the pit or break things against the wall. This record is the perfect soundtrack to your angry day.

Only problem I can see on this record that people might complain about is the length of some of the songs. Hearing the same riff over and over again might bore someone, but most people will just be in an angry rage after listening to the record, The Men will totally win over fans. They won me over for sure.

Leave Home is on sale via Sacred Bones Records now. As for the band, they are on tour through September. A live show that is most likely powerful and energetic.

By Glenn Rodriguez

24, from the Jersey Shore. Avid music listener, MMA fan, and filmmaker.

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