Human Eye – They Came From The Sky review

Imagine with me if you will, Frank Zappa sitting down and writing and album involving alien abduction, cross species impregnation, mind altering experiments and finally alien invasion. Well, that is what Human Eye’s new record They Came From The Sky precisely sounds like.  This album really snuck up on me on the second listen. Human Eye has developed a sound that is saturated in guitar buzz, schizophrenic, fervor inducing hollow drums and just enough middle finger to conformity that hits right at home.  The genre influences on this record range from experimental rock to various punk bands to even some mid-2000’s Hives records.

I mentioned Frank Zappa earlier for a reason and that reason is because some of the early part of the album sounds like they could be B-sides on Uncle Meat or Weasels Ripped My Flesh. “Impregnate the Queen Pt. 2” is even titled like a Zappa song. “Alien Creeps” usage of unique background instrumentation with radio squeaks and static and the orchestrated feel the song posses brings to my mind “Who Are The Brain Police.”  The other sound that sticks out and makes up basically the second half of the LP, is the heavy hellish rhythms and the tuned down guitar that reek of Black Sabbath. “The Movie Was Real” seems to be a nod to “Fairies Wear Boots” Lyrically the album could read as a script for a cheesy 70’s B-movie. The odd lyrically decisions give the album a every a more relatable feel than a lot of hard rock I’ve heard recently and shows that Human Eye isn’t taking themselves too seriously.

The album never loses its steam throughout the album, but like a machine that running on all cylinders, it has the tendency to be repetitive. The last three tracks, “Serpent Shadow”, “We are the Peopleoids” and “They Came From The Sky” all run together until the last 2 minutes when the album hits a climax and comes to a close.  Besides the replicated nature of the last few songs this is a solid album. I really found myself enjoying the entire package that Human Eye was presenting and I look forward to more.

By Charles Sullivan

Charlotte, NC. Music Junkie.

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