Nicholas Szczepanik – Please Stop Loving Me album review

When I was adding this “album” to my iTunes, I realized it was one single song. I thought the other tracks had gone mysteriously missing for a second, until I saw the length of single track on Nicholas Szczepanik’s “album” entitled “Please Stop Loving Me.” Coming in at forty-seven and a half minutes, it makes me wonder why this drone/ambient musician didn’t round up for a full forty-eight minutes of the purest boredom I’ve ever encountered in music.

I suppose the name of the genre explains it all, but the singular track “drones” on for what seems like an eternity. I can’t really touch on much in this song, as there’s nothing but an organ-like sound throughout that builds ever so slowly, remains stable for half an hour, and then dies down. To me, it sounds as if Szczepanik held down a note on his keyboard for five minutes, then transitions into another note. Overall, you basically have nine different notes – if you listen closely. Otherwise, it really sounds like one continuous note. One note. Singular. Not notes. Have I said “note” enough yet?

Did I give this song an honest chance? I’d consider not skipping forward through the song till the half hour mark more than enough time. Up until that point, it really did sound like the artist was holding down a single key. Spoiler alert: when I skipped towards the end, it was a more high-pitched sound! It really  threw me for a loop. Crazy. [/end sarcasm]

I guess this genre isn’t for me, but if you’re spaced out to the point that you can enjoy music that is so linear and one-dimensional, then perhaps you can consider Nicholas Szczepanik your new favorite artist. I hope you come to your senses soon though…

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