Boston Spaceships – Let it Beard review

Boston Spaceships are the metallic and melodic medley of the talented Robert Pollard, John Moen (Guided by Voices) and John Moen (the Decemberists). the Three have been rocking for some time Let it Beard is their ninth album.

The album begins heavy and strong and carries this form all the way through. A sense of lessons, nostalgia and internal recognition is the overlying tone of the album. This is particularly clear on “Tourist UFO,” which encourages the importance of patience and the haunting. Worth mentioning also is “Let Light Into The House,” an unwearied outlook towards loneliness. The guitar style is textured at times but tends to lean back on power chord strumming both of which compliment the exasperated lyrics and vocals.

Although for the first time to my detection Boston Spaceships seems to be using some recycled material and sounding more and more like R.E.M. However, they remain an authentic trio through song formation and lyrics which bite you in the core of your heart through recognition of harsh memories and vulnerability.

Additionally this 26 piece record progresses and becomes harsher like a good story. Standouts include “Chevy Marigold” which expose their diversity, and “Red Bodies” which is everything you want in a modern day rock song; unapologetic, catchy and witty. “Inspiration Bites” serves as a great ending to the journey as it features beautifully complex instrumentals, an impressive guitar solo and a subtle satirical outlook.

Although falling back on some clichés, Boston Space ships expose a generous and rock and roll gem worth the patience it requires both in mental reflection and fist pumping.

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