Joss Stone – LP1 review

Soul Child Joss Stone’s independent LP1

After battling it out to leave the EMI record label to finally create her own, edgy Stone’d Record– Joss Stone has made a comeback with her 5th album “LP1” exerting the raw creativity, freedom and grit needed  to become her own woman in the world of English soul singers. For an album that was put together in just 6 days and co-produced with Eurythmics’ David Stewart – its an inspiration for young aspiring artists and a soother to put the Amy Winehouse blues at rest.

Impressive vocals and a strong personality – that’s what this album is about. Before you can think of getting into an Amy Winehouse vs. Joss Stone debate, take a listen to her album and watch some of her live performances on youtube. The opener Karma has us hooked with a funky retro bassline while Stone gets deep, “If I was just a little bit stronger baby”. Drive all Night is my favourite track on the album, while the concept is not the most original (Re: Celine Dion – I Drove All Night) – its soulful rhythmic vibe would be perfect for any romantic date and the uncertainty that goes with it,  “I started to worry, do I smell nice?” Cry Myself to Sleep is a track for when you want to shout out “I’m letting you go!”

Stone’s talent and fire are undeniable, the pop/rock/alternative edge, her ability to sound country-blues one minute and sultry-retro the next is her forte. Stone is evolving like a fine wine, and if this is just the beginning for her newfound independence, we can expect to hear much more from her in the near future. Just what will she pull with Mick Jagger and Damien Marley in the rock supergroup “SuperHeavy” in September? I can’t wait.

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