Richard Buckner – Our Blood review

A great American storyteller is hard to find. In today’s world of LOL’s and text speak, someone that can paint a picture with their phrases should be cherished. I actually informed my little sister some years ago that if she expects a response to her emails she cannot “rite lyk dis lmao”. Similarly, it has been years since a powerful folk singer has shaken the scene, and Richard Buckner’s new album has returned to his country roots, revealing the inner poet once more. “Our Blood” is the long awaited release from Buckner, after a series of mishaps involving everything from burglary to equipment failure to a grisly murder scene. It wears the scars well; Buckner’s voice is strong and unwavering like a warm breeze – but you can tell that he’s seen some things, man.

It is impossible to talk about this album without highlighting the words contained – it’s poetry in the most meaningful sense of the word, and a joy to ponder over. Often, the lyrics are not best thought of as line by line but as a contiguous story, undulating and full of meaning. “Thief” is a high point, (The branded charged ahead of the warnings rising beyond their due…). “Escape” is poignant, yet liberating, with little more than a guitar and a backing vocal to create an atmosphere you wish would never end. “Collusion”, like many of the songs, never specifically refers to an event but rather alludes to loss of a friend over the course of time (think terminal illness or drug addiction), and it’s wrenching stuff.

As a purveyor of the written word myself, it’s refreshing to discover a modern day troubadour championing the cause in the music world. Part country, part folk, all emotion, Richard Buckner has struck gold in his simplicity.

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