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World Under Blood – Tactical review

World Under Blood’s new album, Tactical is pretty much self-explanatory. No frills or happy endings. Just a lot of yelling.

Tactical is an album that proves much pain exists in the world and there are artists who are brave enough to tackle that pain.

The tracks are extremely raw and rough. The brains behind the music, Deron Miller and Tim Yeung take their album to new levels of dark, grungy, loud and without a doubt heavy music.

To an outsider like myself, the songs sound identical to each other and each song becomes progressively louder and annoying. Though, for a heavy metal aficionado, I am sure this album will do them just fine. Especially when it comes to the titles alone, take a stab at “Purgatory Dormitory”, “Pyro-Compulsive” or “Dead and Still in Pain”.

Interesting enough, “Revere’s Tears” starts out with a really nice and mellow acoustic guitar piece and just as you are wondering when Miller’s insanely loud voice will pop in, it hits you like a bomb.

I feel restraint on Tactical is quite limited. The artists do what they do and as loud and mind-numbing the music can be, they bode well for their genre. What I find is a problem that will prove to be a general problem among fans is the similarity of the songs. There aren’t many moments where you can identify one song from the other. The songs are average length and when some have potential of being greater than great, I feel it ends before reaching that point.

The melodic death metal genre they play out on this album is quite tough to get through, and if you happen to be a fan of their music I still cannot be a hundred percent sure you will be impressed.

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