Ssion – Bent review

Aptly titled, Bent is the recent release from Ssion. Bent, as in, not straight, is probably the most direct way to describe this album. Sure, upon first listen, especially after listening to Blond With U, a fun-time song you might find on a mix tape circa 1993, one might categorize this album as a dance album, but not all tracks really make you want to dance, particularly Nothing Happens at Nite.

Bent because you’re not quite sure where this album is taking you, but wherever it’s going it’s a glittery clusterfuck of bells and whistles and dancey beats that starts on one end of the spectrum with Blond With U, a party anthem, to the other end with Weird Yearz, with weird robot-like vocals, in a way, guiding you down from that glittery escapade.

Luvvbazaar and Earthquake were two of my favorite songs I could imagine myself dancing around my apartment to, though they’re not catchy enough to get stuck in my head, even after listening to them loudly…I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing….

You know what I think Cody Critchloe, the brains behind Ssion would say to that?

I imagine he’d say: I don’t give a fuck whether you remember this 3 minute song 10 minutes from now, just dance!

The album artwork reminds me of a character from a John Waters film, which kind of adds to the title of the album.

Bent is one of those albums that really makes you curious to see what their live show is like, but lacking that tack that makes you wanna play it over and over…

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