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Live at Squamish, BC festival – Day One Preview – August 20th, 2011

With gates opening at 2PM, you should be aware of what’s going on and when, so that you can plan out what not to miss. As with any music festival, you may have to cut some sets short or miss some in order to experience your chosen performer’s live show in full.

Below is the breakdown of who’s performing and when.

The Proper Villains – Garibaldi Stage @ 3:30PM
Vancouver’s The Proper Villains are an alternative Hip Hop group that are currently wrapping up their 10 song debut album. The group won METRO daily paper’s competition and thus will have something to prove as they kick off the festival.

She Stole My Beer – Stawamus Stage @ 3:55PM
She Stole My Beer are a well known band that have been performing in the Vancouver area for a while now, although it has been some time since most have seen them. It’s a testament to the festival organizers for having them in the line up, the nostalgia tip alone will work wonders for the slightly older attendees.

Kim Churchill – Garibaldi Stage @ 4:15PM
Having graced some of Australia’s biggest festival’s stages, Kim Churchill. His guitar skills are marveled at and as a busker, Kim made a name for himself. Go check out what the fuss is all about.

Sweet Thing – Stawamus Stage @ 4:50PM
With a sound consistently compared to Fleetwood Mac, the Toronto bred group Sweet Thing thus far have had their music most recognizable from the movie “Easy A” with the song “Change of Seasons,” you’ll probably also recognize “Dance Mother.”

Emily Haines & James Shaw – Garibaldi Stage @ 5:15PM
Emily Haines & James Shaw will be performing a live acoustic set in advance of their traditional set as Metric being performed on the Sunday (21st). Any fan of Emily Haines or James Shaw (well, Metric) should inscribe this set in stone to ensure they don’t miss out on a spectacular performance. While you’re at it don’t forget to check out our quick interviews with both artists from back in ’05 (Emily Haines Interview & James Shaw Interview)

Shane Koyczan – Stawamus Stage @ 5:40PM / 8:00PM
The spoken word artist and author Shane Koyczan will be performing the most amount of times during Live At Squamish, and so there’s absolutely no excuse if you miss him. If that’s the case, it’s because you were deliberately avoiding. He has two sets on the first day and two on the second. Take in one of his sets, they’re short and expected to astound.

Hey Ocean! – Stawamus Stage @ 6:00PM
Hey Ocean! are one of Vancouver’s next big bands. They’ve been together a few years now and have been continually gaining steam, if you’re prefer rock to rap, they’ll be head to head with Kyprios on the Garibaldi stage. The choice is yours.

Kyprios – Garibaldi Stage @ 6:20PM
Lots has changed over the years for North Vancouver’s Kyprios over the years. Having performed at New York’s renowned Nuyorican Poetry Cafe and signing with Sony, Kyprios was heralded as Canada’s Eminem in terms of potential status. Sadly that path didn’t pan out, but regardless Kyprios continues to leave audiences in awe after his stunning sets. Check out our Kyprios Interview from 2004.

Shad – Garibaldi Stage @ 7:10PM
Having beaten out arguably last year’s biggest Canadian artist (Drake) to win a Juno award, Shad‘s level of exposure went through the roof. The Vancouver MC embarked upon a US tour and has been engaging audiences around North America. Being so close to Squamish, it’s only befitting that Shad take the stage in his first performance at the festival. Not to be missed.

Stars – Stawamus Stage @ 7:00PM
As you can see shown in the video MVRemix shot of Stars‘ live performance during the music festivities at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, the indie pop group are best heard live. The group’s members also help comprise Broken Social Scene and though originally from Toronto, they’re now situated in Montreal.

John Butler Trio – Stawamus Stage @ 8:20PM
Having been making music for over a decade, and hailing from Australia, the John Butler Trio, an ever changing band comprising of John Butler and two other people are inevitably going to be putting on one hell of a show. Having seen stages worldwide, Butler has learned a thing or two about how to impress the festival circuit. Squamish awaits!

Girl Talk – Stawamus Stage @ 9:40PM
When MVRemix first caught up with Girl Talk, he was only just starting to gain attention. Several years later and he’s selling out huge venues and hypnotizing massive audiences. In the prime-time evening festival slot, be sure to take in his set. Before you do so though, take a minute or two to read over our ol’ Girl Talk Interview

My!Gay!Husband – Garibaldi Stage
Though we’re not sure of the exact set time, East Van’s My!Gay!Husband will be performing his brand of club/indie pop mixes. We expect he’ll be on later in the evening, and as per usual, be prepared for ravers to soak up the set.

Sweet Soul Burlesque – Garibaldi Stage @ 8:10PM
Although many women say they’re interested in burlesque dance, any man that read’s that word thinks potentially different thoughts and of course will be immediately intrigued. Sweet Soul Burlesque are Western Canada’s longest running professional neo-burlesque troupe. Founded in 2003 the troupe perform to a variety of different music, from Hip Hop to Punk.

Andy Clockwork – Garibaldi Stage @ 8:20PM
Since 1996 Mr. Andy Clockwork has been DJ’ing funk based sets, regularly mixing several genres of electronic music. The Vancouver based DJ will kick the dance vibe up a notch outside the Garibaldi stage as the tempo increases for Live at Squamish’s Saturday night.

Tommie Sunshine – Garibaldi Stage @ 9:20PM
Originally from Chicago, now residing in Brooklyn, Tommie Sunshine is a seasoned veteran in the electronic rock remix scene. The DJ/Producer/songwriter has been putting in the rounds for a while now and has close ties to the hugely successful Ultra records. Not to mention he also was involved in the music production for a little known game called Dance Dance Revolution.

Donald Glaude – Garibaldi Stage @ 10:30PM
Consistently ranked as one of the world’s top House DJ’s, Donald Glaude will be closing the first night of the festival. Traditionally dance DJ’s/acts finish off festival nights, I’m guessing it’s not because their audience stereotypically dabbles in certain substances… Regardless, Glaude appears certain to keep crowds engaged late into the night. Hopefully not too late though, they’ve got to be back at 1:00PM on Sunday for Henry Mah or George Osei.

Don’t miss Emily Haines & James Shaw’s acoustic set, Kyprios, Shad, Stars and Girl Talk

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