Scream it Like You Mean it Tour: A Night in Photos

The second (what seems to be annual) Scream it Like You Mean it tour made its way to Montreal early last week for all the neon wearing, pierced and appropriately screaming fans of various bands.

Headlining the tour was electronic rock duo Breathe Carolina. David Schmitt and Kyle Even, along with their touring members, put on a solid show full of lights, squirt guns, and overall some catchy music. They even covered Jay Sean’s “Down.” They’re supporting their new album “Hell Is What You Make It.”

Chiodos, now without frontman Craig Owens, has still been hitting the road these days. While the crowd wasn’t as packed as you might have seen at the band’s shows a few years ago, it was apparent that even with Brandon Bolmer belting out Owens’ lyrics instead – they still knew these songs like the back of their hands.

I See Stars gets my medal for best performance of the night. They’re now back with their original keyboardist and screamer, Zach Johnson, and still being led by Devin Oliver on vocals. A seriously impressive performance of post-hardcore madness that had a mosh pit going throughout the set.

The Color Morale, a Christian post-hardcore band out of Illinois gave a great performance to somewhat unenthusiastic crowd. Meanwhile, Mod Sun, or Derek Smith, former drummer of Four Letter Lie and Scary Kids Scaring Kids, gave the crowd a taste of what he called “hippy-hop.” The rap set in the middle of a bunch of post-hardcore bands didn’t make much sense, but audience members didn’t seem to mind. And finally, The Air I Breathe was along for the tour, giving another solid round of songs for the fans.

Breathe Carolina - David Schmitt(Full set of photos)

(Full set of photos)

I See Stars - Zach Johnson(Full set of photos)

Others can be found at jakemullan’s flickr

All taken at Club Soda in Montreal, Qc on August 15th, 2011

By Jake Mullan

I go to a lot of shows. I listen to a lot of music. I write. I take pictures. Y'know, that kind of stuff.

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