Seapony – Go With Me review

The year is 2011, yet for some reason the trend in Indie music is to make music that sounds like it was recorded using equipment that was found in the closet of the recording studio collecting dust. Seapony is a three piece indie pop band that has found a niche using jangling guitars , catchy hooks and lo-fi production qualities to craft a pretty impressive debut record, Go With Me.

The band hails from Seattle but you can hear the SoCal surf sound and 60’s girl pop all over this record. The songs seem to just be made for sipping a beer in a beach chair. There are some really great harmonies in these songs from Jen Weidl, the lead vocalist. However the sound quality they landed on for this album makes it sound like she’s singing into a tin can at times, which is a detractor from the music. There are times on songs like “Blue Star” and “So Low” where you can hear what seems to be an Alt Rock, almost Smashing Pumpkin’s vibe to the tone and ferocity of the backing guitars.

A majority of the songs do stick to the formula that is set up on the LP’s opener “Dreaming.”  Songs open with sugary sweet lyrics from Weidl, followed by an instrumental break which doesn’t expand at all, it just repeats the pre-established rhythm and melody, then more lyrics from Weidl and possibly a quick guitar solo to close. This is the thing that pulls this album’s credibility down for me. If I’m not looking at the tracks as they play, I cannot tell you which song is which.  They all seem to just run together, which might be fine for some listeners, but I would have really like to have seen them expand their sound a lot more.  Hopefully they will attempt this in future records.

Despite the lack of color in some songs there is plenty to enjoy about this record. The times that Seapony does venture away from their formula it’s stunningly catchy, and the songs are well crafted pop songs. If you have ever found yourself tapping your foot along to Best Coast or Beach Fossils then you will enjoy this record. It’s fun, it’s relaxing and the hooks will live in your brain so long you should charge rent.

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