The Weeknd – Thursday mixtape review

T.O Buzz: The Weeknd drops second mixtape “Thursday”

While Kanye West and Jay-Z are watching the throne this summer, Toronto’s 21 year old rising phenomenon Abel Tesfaye, just might steal the crown. Relatively unknown before 2010, and known as The Weeknd (swapping hugs and kisses for other er, delights) he has planned this year to release a trilogy of self-released mixtapes through his website  (The first House of Balloons dropped earlier this Spring, and you can hear the track “High for This” on season 8 of Entourage). The Weeknd’s second mixtape Thursday was released last Thursday online at midnight with nine tracks and ever since, we can’t stop talking about this guy.

I first heard The Weeknd when he rocked Mod Club (which, sorely I could not attend and just drooled over youtube videos), and then toured with Drake’s OVOFest – combined crews OVOXO – the end of July.

Lets take a close look at Thursday. Listen to a few tracks, and clearly, you’ll feel a wetmouth-lets-get-faded-in-the-candlelight vibe through raw lyrics and experimental sounds (indie, electro and dubstep). Super sexy but not as strong as House of Balloons, Abel makes it clear of his issues (Yeah I know I got my issues/why you think I fuckin’ flow? on “Rolling Stone”). He thrives off of sexual madness involving girls and serotonin. “The Zone”  is a standout track, the only to feature Drake (all these broken hearts on that pole doo bee doo) where Abel clearly outshines him. Two more favourites are  “Gone”, and “The Birds Part 1” (listen for the drums and get hypnotized with his ‘don’t make me make you fall in love’). “Life of the Party” is a weaker track, where the production seems a bit off. “The Birds Part 2” contains powerful crying sounds, and the track “Thursday” gives new meaning to the term ‘Thirsty Thursdays’. Its heavy on the instrumentals and Abel soars singing  in high ranges.

Download here to get your own copy of Thursday.

Echoes of Silence is up next sometime later this year. Expect the following for The Weeknd to continue to grow for music lovers everywhere. I can’t wait to see him in the future, and hear more how under Drake’s mentorship, he’ll grow.

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