Lifehouse at Ravinia

I must confess that Lifehouse is far from being one of those bands in my “I-have-to-see-live-before-I-die” list. However, when my cousin told me she had tickets to Ravinia, I couldn’t say no. I’m not one to pass down on a free concert, you know?

My first thought was, “oh great, at least I know one song!” hoping that they played Hey there Delilah. My cousin laughed and promptly corrected me and said that the band I was thinking of was Plain White T’s. I couldn’t hide my disappointment but I had already said I would go.
We arrived at Ravinia festival at 7:30 when the opening band, Wayland, was finishing. The lawn was already packed with people picnicking and I couldn’t help but compare the crowd to that in Lollapalooza: Ravinia’s attendees are more calmed and “mellow” and also more diverse in age: young, old, small children. Entire families drinking their wine and eating their cheese. I felt a little awkward in my Misfits shirt and cut-off shorts, but I bought a bottle of Pinot Grigio and tried to fit in and enjoy myself.
By the time Lifehouse started, I was buzzed enough to not care if I only knew one song. When the first chords of You and Me began, people went (mildly) crazy and started singing or making out. They also played songs from their “new” (it was released in 2009) album, “Smoke and Mirrors”, and some old favorites like Hanging by a Moment.
I’m not trying to bash Lifehouse, but the “new” album it’s nothing new: commercial pop-rock ballads about love/loss with a post-grunge feel and a catchy, strong chorus.
But I have to give it to Jason Wade: he’s got a nice voice and he can perform live. The band is a crowd pleaser. Over all, I enjoyed my experience at Ravinia and maybe I could have enjoyed it even more with a date. Music, wine and candle light, Ravinia offers all the ingredients for romance.

– Bibis Lola R.

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