Her Space Holiday – Her Space Holiday review

I always appreciate a proper introduction to an album, one that somehow grasps the feeling of what you are about to experience while emanating mystery and excitement. “Massive Expressive Enter” is a beautiful gatekeeper into this nine tracked moniker recording of the multi talented Mark Bianchi.

Bianchi is one of the few “indie electronic” artists out there, a genre I have come to fully appreciate after I figured out what the hell it is. Listeners are then exposed to “Lydia” which features subtle and sexy male and female harmonious whispers that surf along the electromagnetic beats. Her Space Holiday’s relationship with electronica is mathematical, well timed and pre-meditated which concludes in a clean and fresh outcome.

His relationship with Indie (which I realize is an ambiguous title for music styling, so let’s call it folk rock in this case) is dreamy and ethereal. The duration of the album consists of heartfelt, energetic and relaxing tunes which make you dance slowly while thinking which is entirely refreshing in contrast the most others that make up the world of overly MDMA infused electronic music.

A Particularly interesting piece is “The Ringing In My Ears,” in it’s softness, and “Hassle Free Harmony” in it’s instrumental diversity. “Perfect on Paper” is the most honest portrayal of admittance around tormented love I have heard since Wilco’s “Radio Cure.”

The use of violins are featured throughout the album which always give me the chills, as does Bianchi’s patient voice. Lyrically the album is symbolic and contains a perfect mix of introspection and melancholy. In respect to the beginning of the album, Her Space Holiday (which by the way, is a perfect title for this musical endeavor) is concluded with an outro titled “Manic Expressive Exit” which is so humble, it actually thanks the listeners and after spending time with this gem you will want to thank it several times over. Enjoy your journey into space; don’t forget a good pair of headphones.

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