Library Voices – Summer of Lust review 

Being described as “cute and catchy”  (as described by alternative weekly, Now) might be insulting to mature, multi-faceted, virtuoso musicians with transcendent, beautifully fractaled, mind-fuck stylings.

Enter Library Voices. With their new album, Summer Lust we have something very cute and catchy.

Me, I don’t really enjoy cute.

But you, if you like really obvious, teenage lyrics layered over boppy, eighties-synthed out little pop ditties that sound sort of like George Michael doing recreational Ritalin, then have a gander at the track called, “If Raymond Carver were born in the ‘90’s.” This sounds like it should be on the soundtrack of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or some shit.

Now, when they say this is “indie rock,” do they mean Independent music, like the Smiths or Gwar, or do they mean “indie” like in that grandfather-sweater, fake glasses sort of way? Probably the latter.

Generation Handclap is kind of fun, musically, in this Beach Boys-without-balls sort of way. And if the Beach Boys have balls, well, that’ll give you an idea of what you’re getting into here.

But the track Reluctant Readers Make Reluctant Lovers is kind of cool, with this drumbeat that sounds like the one they used in The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkle. There’s some nice melodic harmonies on the chorus, if they could just ditch that synth in the background. It sounds like a child-sized Keytar or a recorder.

It’s so precious, but all these terrible 80’s synths…it’s just annoying. Some people eat this shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner though, so if you can’t get enough of those shooting-star synths misting over Ringo-Star perky drums and little-man vocals with tragic, self-pitying lyrics about his small-city college-time dalliances, then you’ll wet yourself.

Traveler’s Digest is the cream of the crop; they even throw in some real 1986 saxophone and someone is seriously blowing a load on a Casio keyboard here.

The Prime Minister’s Daughter is kind of funny; does Stephen Harper even have a daughter though? Oh, Canada. At least MY home city doesn’t rhyme with Vagina. Poor Library Voices. I would have said I was from somewhere else.

By Caile Michelle


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