Fool’s Gold – Leave No Trace review

Fool’s Got Flavor

Whether it’s to a beautiful island resort or from your washed out cubicle you are trying to escape, Fool’s Gold’s Leave No Trace provides the perfect soundtrack.  With bouncy beats and twangy melodic guitar rhythms, this LA-based quintet manage to create a colorful landscape of sounds with catchy tunes to boot.

Originally a 12-person collective, Fool’s Gold has refined itself to a five-member outfit and is all set for a return trip to Europe, where they’ll be back to tour in November.  They’ve recently returned from touring the festivals abroad and already have dates booked in their home nation all through September.  To say this band is busy is an understatement, but with such a successful integration of musical influences, it’s no wonder these guys are so in demand.

To start with, the album offers a savory blend of various genres, with something for everyone to enjoy.  Part synth, part afro-beat and part pop, this 10-track record acts as a vessel in which to transport the listener into a world of musical diversity.

The album’s title track, Leave No Trace, pairs a swanky rhythm with singer Luke Top’s romantic vocals.  With just enough reverb there, this song gains in momentum as it gains in reflective qualities.  Poetic lyricism is perhaps what Top once attempted to camouflage on the band’s previous, self-titled release, by singing in Hebrew.  With most songs sung in English on this album, everything is on the table and out in the open, making it more accessible for those of us lacking in linguistic knowledge.

Balmy conjures up your inner Pink Panther, with its subdued yet provocative backbeat, and leaves a cool sway in your seat.  A ballad in vulnerability, this enjoyable tune acts as the perfect bridge between either half of the album. 

Bark and Bite begins to wrap it all up with a once-again poppy feel as you start to recover from a hedonist trip to the buffet line of musical variety.   And finally, it’s quiet time with a lullaby for grown-ups, Lantern, as Top and the gang bring you back into awareness. 

A sweet, fun and delicate album with not only beautiful rhythms but beautiful lyrics. 

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