Jeff Bridges – Jeff Bridges album review

If there is anything that American actor, Jeff Bridges learned from his Academy award-winning portrayal of a “down-and-out” country singer in the musical drama, “Crazy Heart”, it’s how to sound like a “down-and-out” country singer.

Jeff Bridges 10-song compilation is comprised of slow, dragging songs accompanied by acoustic strings and drums reminiscent of the bluegrass genre from an earlier era.

Although the CD in it’s entirety lacks energy, Bridges’ lead single, “What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do”, serves as a rare highlight as Roseanne Cash is featured and contributes to the impeccable harmony. Bridges continues throughout the album with noteworthy vocals and lyrical ability, especially on “Falling Short,” in which he croons, “Am I falling short, or do I fly? Will I miss the mark, or do I hit the sky?”

In my opinion and with the exception of the two aforementioned tracks, Bridges falls short with the remainder of the album. Halfway through on “Nothing Yet,” the country singer’s voice is drowned out by a bevy of instruments, making it difficult to decipher what is being said. Furthermore, on the track aptly named “Slow Boat,” I developed the strange sensation while listening, that at this point I was in fact riding on a slow boat… a very slow-moving boat with no clear destination for approximately six minutes.

Upon the conclusion of the album, the only thing my “crazy heart” wanted to do was take a nap. I commend the actor for his musical effort, but lethargic production and instrumentation makes a country blunder.

By Kerianne Strachan

I am 16 bars away from a dope hook.

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