Library Voices – Summer of Lust review

Oh, such bands as the Library Voices only add more to this image of Canada being this wonderfully happy, pleasant place where everyone gets along…You know, Arcade Fire is also from Canada, another large group of happy Canadian musicians.

With such a poppy sound all the way through, it was made to be the soundtrack to another Indian Summer we’re enduring, particularly here in Los Angeles. For those summer road trips, picnics at the beach, or just cutting a rug around the apartment (my personal favorite).

Contrary to what I just said, don’t let the overall power pop sound of happy synths and catchy riffs deceive you. True, this album sounds like something I would’ve listened to at the ripe age of 18, but I wouldn’t have known who Raymond Carver was, thus not catching the irony in the song titled: “If Raymond Carver was born in the 90’s.” Nor would I have picked up on the many other literary figures they name drop throughout the album. Well, okay, I knew who James Joyce and Hemingway were, but not so much Joseph Heller…

Anyway, the lyrics aren’t as sugary as the melodies, but, does it really matter when you’re oooh-ing and woahhhh ohhh ohhh-ing a plenty to “Generation Handclap?” Yes, that title offers exactly that, handclapp-ing, which they don’t provide.
Not only do they name drop literary figures, they make up such fun puns in their song titles as Que Sera Sarah- so good!

My favorite song, is “Traveller’s Digest,” because what’s not to love about a song heavy on the synths and a saxophone solo??

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