Fool’s Gold – Leave No Trace review

Got a load of Fool’s Gold’s “Leave No Trace” album at work.
The onset sounded like Ducktails or PB&J. That was A-OK with me, but I gave FG room to differentiate. It did, from Ducktails not from PB&J, once lead vocalist Luke Top’s voice dropped onto the track “The Dive.”

The entire album has that upbeat flare-packed background that I enjoy (PB&J got me started on that and that’s why it sticks with me.)
There’s a lot going on beneath the vocals, but everything is wonderfully dynamic, Top’s voice would be missed if there was an instrumental only version released.

My ears were drawn away from the lyrics of  “Wild Window” here and there because of its background dynamism, but Top does this Goof Troop sort of thing with his voice (its an intentional stylistic parallel, however) and it retrained my focus– at least at the end of the finish of each line of lyrics. I was aware Top was singing, but not all the way tuned into what was emoted, per say.

Until the chorus drops. At that point, you can forgive being drawn away musically, because the background gives you to it. It says: “No you have not ruined me (yet) despite your best your best efforts (yet).”
And that’s the sunniest way to get such a serious point across, something we can all sing along to and mean what we say in one way or another.

Leave No Trace is a fun album – definitely sunny day, driving music.

By Septembre Russell

I'm a writer, a reader, a fixer, a lover. What can I say? I like to try my best to sidestep the cliches in life, but sometimes they are inevitable.

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