I Break Horses – Hearts review

I’m not sure what a choir of electric-pop party-dance angels looks like, but I bet it sounds a lot like I Break Horses debut LP ‘Hearts’. The collection is fuzzy, ethereal and embracing. Stockholm natives – Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck play with cymbals and keyboards and a whole gamete of computer sounds, oh- and don’t forget the ghostly but strong vocals.

The band created a sound-scape where ala-80s synthesizers and dusky vocals cut into each-other in hummed-layers of heart pulsating noise. You can’t be quite sure what the lyrics are, nor is the emotion of the tracks easily accessible, but the feel of the music settles somewhere between Bjork and EVE from Wall-e, embalmed together in luxurious silk.

The album is a beautifully engineered visceral experience, as wont of the heydays of the shoegaze genre. Some tracks feel cathartic, burning away any unnecessary thoughts that wander by, some pass with a whimper, somewhat felt but quickly forgotten.

Is there enough of the visceral for me to love this album?

I’m not sure. I thought I knew, but after listening to ‘Hearts’ for the zillionth time, I’m no closer to the answer.  But what I do know is the album is solid, the three years Maria and Frederick put into engineering their debut can be felt on every track, somehow each feels private and public all at once. For what ‘Hearts’ tries to be, it achieves it perfectly.

A landscape of visceral, energetic, longing sounds.

By Ania Roginska

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