Big Business – Quadruple Single EP review

This is going to be a quick one.

Stoner metal act Big Business add one more band member to the mix, bringing the total from their original two up to four with their aptly-named EP Quadruple Single.

Quite frankly, whether you like these four songs or not depends on whether or not you can get into stoner metal as a whole. The riffs are chunky, massive, and repetitive, the vocals are barely understandable, and the atmosphere is generally one of mid-tempo heaviness.

It’s quite well done, with some catchy guitar lines and a thickly-layered sound. Also, these guys have a wicked sense of humour, as evident on final song “Guns”, where the only lyrical content is a hilarious group chant of “guns are better than everything else”. That song happens to be the best one on the EP, with a final minute of noisy intensity and some slick-fingered soloing that ends the record on an extreme high note.

That’s about it really; more-than-adequate stoner metal with tasty riffs and a good sense of humour that should please just about anyone that’s into this kind of stuff. Check it out. It’s only four songs!

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