Wooden Shjips – West review

San Fransican Wooden Shjips (pronounced shyips) pay om-age to the psychedelic distorted reality in which the four ubiquitously exude with their messy, guteral and somehow ethereal music. West is album number five for these four sloppily (the best kind) talented musicians.

Although each song projects an ear bending mind numbing they also manage to uplift listeners into the world of marshmallow clouds and overpowering flashes of Atlantis.

I have always had a soft spot for psychedelic Rock but feared the genre was dying, West proves this entirely false. Every song seems to blend together into a surreal and inviting fog but standouts are “Crossing” with the haunting vocal effect and “Lazy Bones” which is the most creative version of this song I have ever heard.

Dive into the west world where everything is amplified and high.

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