Patti Smith – Outside Society review

If my 21 year old sister asked me: Who’s Patti Smith? I would give her this release, Outside Society. 18 songs that kinda flow like a best-of, strung together only on the theme that they are performed by the same artist. For the youngsters born in the 90’s and even late 80’s, I’d say: Yes! Get this album! For the rest of us born before 1983, I’d say: What!?!? You’ve never listened to Patti Smith!??! Here, listen to this! And I would hand them this release. For those who are already acquainted with this great artist, I’d say: Mmmm, it kinda flattens out this multi-dimensional artist.

But the covers, like Gloria and Smells Like Teen Spirit, help familiarize the young and unacquainted, those for which this album was made. Because everyone who IS familiar with Smith knows to listen to such albums like Horses in its entirety.
Outside Society is more of an accessible selection of Smiths songs throughout her career. A sampling if I may.

However, listening to this collection of songs, is like looking only at one piece of a WHOLE painting. Like, if i were to only look at one of the many distorted faces of such a painting like Picasso’s Guernica, and base my WHOLE opinion of that entire painting on just ONE section…And this is what I think could happen if this collection doesn’t spark an interest into the vast work of Ms. Smith.
As for favorite songs that are a must, for me at least, Gloria, Free Money, and So You Wanna Be A Rock N Roll Star.

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