41st and Home – Left In Places review

With a diverse and talented slew of artists representing our northern neighbor, including Drake, Justin Bieber, and Celine Dion, it is no surprise that Canada’s latest band, 41st and Home, is establishing themselves as a rising contender in the music industry with their debut album release, “Left in Places”.

The Vancouver-based quintet comprised of science students with a do-it-yourself attitude and a mini-orchestra of members, including a violinist, pianist, and bassist, are responsible for their own engineering, management, and publicity, many of the essential factors that today’s most prominent recording artists outsource to professionals. Yet, without the hovering supervision and requirements of record label executives, 41st and Home has been able to avoid any creative boundaries and, therefore, has exercised their musical ability without limitations. Thus, resulting in this premiere gem.

The 8-track compilation features intricate and rich instrumentation, an evident testament to the artistic capability of the band’s own resident musicians. With “Left in Places” taking over one year to create, each song possesses a high quality with regards to the arrangements that were carefully thought out and implemented. “Sway On” begins with a mellow sound and within a few minutes is catapulted into a beautiful climax of strings and soothing voices. This display of orchestral and vocal ability is consistent throughout the entire album, including “Great Bear”, “Michael”, and “Sleeper”, a personal favorite in which they repetitively croon “change comes to all of us my friend.” However, within the complexity that embodies this work, a certain underlying simplicity is also present in the band’s lyricism, especially on “Eva”. In just over six minutes of melodious deliverance, the story of a woman is conveyed and although it is stated that the singer does not know who she is, Eva is told “let your hair down… I’ll catch it when it falls.”

As a band of science students, 41st and Home concocted a stunning musical formula, resulting in a finished product sure to be pleasing to all those who listen. With the help of an in-house orchestra and the mental capacity to paint a beautiful portrait through captivating lyrics and sound, 41st and Home is on their way to crossing the border and becoming a force to reckon with internationally.

By Kerianne Strachan

I am 16 bars away from a dope hook.

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