Emm Gryner – Northern Gospel review

Emm Gryner definitely brings a new flavour to the Indie music scene with Northern Gospel.

If there is any indication that this album is worthy of a listen, or two (or heck, should be on repeat on your Ipod) is the opening number “Ciao Monday”. And the album continues—continues with ballads, light-hearted numbers and pleasantly surprising, deep lyrics.

Gryner stays true to her piano-ballad roots instead of choosing a whole new direction for this album—which for many fans I’m sure is refreshing because sometimes we just want to hear what we first fell in love with. Songs like “North” and “Home” are great examples of “Gryner” tracks. However, songs that are a little out of her norm like “A Little War” take the artist to a whole new level.

With a sweet voice and touching lyrics, the album feels very complete. And the best part of Gryner’s music is that it’s very subtle. I don’t feel like I’m listening to a big production but just a very cool, feel-good album. Funny enough, I even felt a rush of Canadian pride as some of her tracks reference “the nifty North”.

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