Jacob Faurholt – Dark Hours review

“Hello, is this thing on? Oh wait, I think I hear something… Okay, just had to turn it up, that’s all.”

That was my first response to listening to Dark Hours, the 4th album by Jacob Faurholt with such an aptly named album title might I add. The overall tone of this album is just that; dark, but very delicate. Imagine the light as a feather leaf falling from the trees, being carried so gently by the cold wind.

If you’re into the atmospheric, singer/songwriter type of music with sparse vocals yelping now and then, you will probably like this collection of songs by Mr. Faurholt. Faurholt reminds me of Bright Eyes.

Themes of a Troubled Mind, Black Lake Lodge are the kinds of songs that are so morose though that they are pretty, before you know it, you too are caught up in his sadness. Creatures In The Sea is a beautiful song that stands out like a ray of sunshine within all those dark hours. Although I think it has to do with the help of those lovely female vocals.

If you want to take a drive out to the vacant ghost town of Calico, CA, listen to this on the drive out to put you in the mood while driving through that lonesome desert.

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