Slow Club – Paradise review

Slow Club’s second album, Paradise is a reminder to all that relationships can bring us happiness.  This indie pop England duo knows how embrace those percussions and are not afraid of being open.  It’s surprising that there are only two members in this band considering the whole lotta sound they produce.  Slow Club reminds me of an English version of Mates of State-a male and female ensemble pop duo with harmonizing melodies.

There are certain elements which make Paradise stand out.  The echoing voice affects can be heard in throughout the album, which produces a relaxed yet emotive feel.  Their notable percussion sound is also heard throughout, especially in the upbeat track, “Two Cousins.”  Pianos, percussions, and a playful sound, what more could a listener ask for?

Another noticeable track is “Gold Mountain.”  Forget about the percussions, through the harmonization, retro and romantic sounds, positive and passionate lyrics, and slow chords and echoes, make this acoustic song a great one.  Whether it’s a heavily rainy day in the dead of winter or a mellow sunny one in the height of summer, this track strikes a chord that can fulfill either.

A faster tempo tune is “If we’re still alive.”  Epitomizing the indie rock sound, this track is cheery and delicious.  “Where I’m waking” is another flirty upbeat number that touches on body language in a number of ways.  I guarantee this contagious melody will be stuck in your head after the second you devote a moment to this fun song.

Fortunately, Slow Club will be performing two nights in a row in the Big Apple.  Once on November 3rd at NYC’s Mercury Lounge and the following night at Brooklyn’s Rock Shop.  Come get your fast moves on with the Slow Club.

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