Lady Antebellum – Own The Night review

Lady Antebellum’s third album, “Own The Night,” truly has a song for just about anyone. Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott blend their vocal strengths wonderfully over the twelve tracks, and Dave Haywood provides vocal backup and instrumental support. Though definitely a country album (banjos, mandolins, and acoustic guitars largely make up the instrumental background), the variety of songs and topics covered makes it an album that many people can appreciate.

The album opens with “We Owned The Night,” an energetic piece reflecting on a past relationship and the thrill that it once brought. Haywood’s mandolin playing is showcased as it provides a light introduction, but the presence of electric guitars and a driving drum beat makes the song an easy crossover into the pop genre.

“Just a Kiss,” the second track, was the first single released. It quickly became a radio hit, and is an up-tempo ballad describing the joys of experiencing a new love and the potential of what it could become. The melody is catchy and quickly gets stuck in your head, but Scott and Kelley provide beautiful harmonies that make it a worthwhile listen.

“Cold As Stone,” brings the album its first truly sad moment. Whereas the previous five tracks have moderate to fast tempos, “Cold As Stone” is a ballad sung in a haunting style. The lyrics explore pain so great that the singer wishes he could escape: “Wish I was cold as stone / then I wouldn’t feel a thing / wish I didn’t have this heart / then I wouldn’t know the sting of the rain.”

The other tracks each touch on different situations and feelings resulting from and revolving around love. Though there are sad moments, this album isn’t swept up into the mournful tragedy that so many country albums become. There is reflection on times passed and lost, but the songs of “Own The Night” seek mainly to share and experience, not to lament on times gone by. Chances are that just about anyone can find a track on this album to identify with.

By Paige Cerulli

Paige graduated from Westfield State College in 2010 with degrees in Music Performance and English. She is a freelance writer, flute teacher, and equine massage therapist living in Western Massachusetts. Paige hopes to attend graduate school in the future for music performance.

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