Yob – Atma review

Brace yourself for this one.

I don’t know if my little hippie brain can take this on. So I guess that’s a compliment for doom-metal band hailing from Eugene, Oregon, called Yob.

This is far from their first EP. Yob have been around for over a decade actually, making five albums before Atma and touring like fiends all over the States.

Let’s see here…Atma. This EP five song EP, well, it’s nothing I would personally seek out. I’m not much of a metal-head myself, but this isn’t about my own personal tastes, this is about some tight music, and I would say that Yob brings that pretty decently.

The first track on Atma goes into this hellishly long drawn out red and black guitar noise before Mike Scheidt brings in these vocals that start out with surprising subtlety before busting out the signature metal growls, long streams of gruff held notes. You gotta give the man credit. I sure as hell can’t sing like that. There are also some really cool percussion breakdowns in here that add a bit of interest and changes in the time signatures that at least make it alright.

But I have to say here, that while I am not well versed in every doom-metal, death-metal, thrash-core, hardcore, death-core, whatever the fuck, post-partum trash metal, I have heard enough that I know when shit’s just wallpaper.

On Atma, you can really pick out some respectable talent. These guys aren’t amateur players. The title track is pretty epic, but in all honesty, it does kind of sound like background music. It’s not holding my interest with anything so amazingly new and never-been-done-before wildness that suddenly I’m going, “Holy shit, I should have been listening to doom-music this whole time!”

The title track is pretty cool though, and Scheidt shows off some impressive vocal range and these songs musically fit together well.

It’s just that the whole thing reminds me of getting my first tattoo; I went into this seedy little shop and the guy, Mark, had the typical metal-head pube beard and he was blaring Motorhead and then started feeding mice to his snake.

There’s nothing here that’s really fascinating enough to convert me .

By Caile Michelle


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