Peter Wolf Crier – Garden of Arms review

The first thing that comes to mind when listening to Peter Wolf Crier’s Garden of Arms, is a reminiscent reflection of adolescence.  Easy-going guitar licks and steady percussion becomes the perfect cloud-watching music to listen to, lying on the grass, holding hands with someone you love.  Someone you love, but you know it’s over with.  There’s a tragic overtone to the whole album, a sense of loss, but it works.  A little bit Black Keys, a little bit Modest Mouse, Peter Wolf Crier is like a lighter version of the two, only with darker lyrics.   

Peter Pisano’s voice brings calm in an otherwise disorderly world on this band’s second release, with many more to come no doubt.

The album opens with “Right Away,” taking you back to a time, back to your teens, conjuring memories that are framed as soft stills in your mind.  “Beach” provides a more optimistic approach, with staggered vocals and upward inflections and, well, beachy guitar strumming, while track 3, “Having it Out” takes you back to your center, shifting your gears down, reestablishing peace.  The songs end abruptly though, so much so it sounds like a mistake in its mastering.

Krishnamurti seems a bit out of place on the album, as its classic rock-feel doesn’t match the otherwise experimental sounds on other tracks.  But that could be the whole point.  The song itself could bring on more heavy, in the way that Queens of the Stone Age would.   There are several name-drops in this review, but only because the potential in this band is there, so long as they stick through it and give it their all.  Apparently they performed 100 shows in just over 6 months, so that’s got to mean something.

Settling it Off gets the mojo moving, with a light Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio background feel to it.  I think what this band needs is some time to grow, and maybe some collaborations.  I like it, but maybe I like it because it sounds like a lot of stuff that’s out there already.  In any case, Peter Wolf Crier is definitely a band to watch.  They just need to up their ante and amp it up a bit.  Otherwise a great listen.

By Katie Leggitt

Katie lives in Montreal, Qc.

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