Laura Marling – A Creature I Don’t Know review

If you’re a female with a guitar who’s trying to write a couple songs and verses, then take note of Laura Marling’s latest, the interesting and intricate A Creature I Don’t Know.

First of all, before I can even get into the music, the vivified album art stands out with bold lines and erotic, captivating forms twisted up in an inky dance.

The Lilith-like lady at an impressive twenty years of age, is already two albums in, and this chaotically beautiful one is her third. The depth and experience that weaves through the convicted lyrics is completely inspiring and should be the fire beneath the feet of anyone who’s on the musical path.

Finally there’s that voice, pure and old with soul. This is not the voice of some conditioned pop-tart; this is a poet in her prime, charging with a style and a uniqueness that is solely her own.

What else can I say here…just put this album on. That’s it.

By Caile Michelle


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