Oh, Sleeper – Children of Fire album review

Metalcore group Oh, Sleeper puts the brutal in brutality when it comes to intricate, metal-driven guitar work, heavy, crackling drums and harsh, screamed vocals. A cross between August Burns Red and The Chariot, Oh, Sleeper has made a nice home for themselves in the realm of metalcore, having created a more solidified sound in their latest release, Children of Fire.

A common problem with metalcore groups, is the tendency to be redundant, providing an onslaught of constant, cacophonous sounds. This is where Oh, Sleeper triumphs; in songs such as “Hush Yael” and “The Conscience Speaks,” the band takes moments to be melodic with soothing, clean vocals and soft guitars, before exploding into a chorus filled with ear-piercing cymbal hits and carnal, gutteral screams from vocalist Micah Kinard.

The band still remains heavy throughout the album though. Opener “Endseekers” starts off with loud guitars fighting for supremacy against Kinard’s Spencer Chamberlain-esque vocals, and Zac Mayfield’s powerful drums. “In The Wake of Pigs” begins with in your face, spoken word vocals from Kinard, backed by dischordant guitars.

Overall, the album is well done. The album is not constantly heavy and chugging, allowing the band to display some variation that works in their favor. The band at times sounds like mere images of similar artists Underoath or The Chariot, but they still manage to separate themselves from many of the artists affiliated with the metalcore genre, delivering an album that is melodic, and packs a punch too.

By Eli Watson

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