Jonny Lives – Revolution For Free album review

Johnny Lives spark their own revolution amidst fun and catchy tracks off their latest effort, Revolution for Free. The band’s sophomore full-length album fuses pop/rock elements well with interesting and captivating lyrics. Frontman Johnny Dubowsky’s talents definitely prove the album is a worthwhile listen.

“You make me cold, and you make me hot, forget about the kiss in the parking lot” (featured in “Parking Lot”) – definitely not a bad opener for the album and surely a catalyst for curiosity. Not to mention “Don’t Throw It Away” and “Makes the Difference” really show promise and are excellent proof of what the band is capable of doing.

Though, the track that pushed them into must-listen territory is undoubtedly “We Will Not Die Quietly”. Not only does it scream revolution, it screams empowerment and beauty. The word “survive” chanted repeatedly leads you onto their personal journey of struggle and pain. This can also apply to two other tracks that should not be ignored. “Revolution for Free” brings lyrics like “Did you ever think you would have a voice, that your lesson would be learned” to your ears. And, oddly, “350 times” introduces a track quite anthem-like, but nonetheless fun to listen to. The more you listen to it the more you feel their lyrics, especially towards the end when the harmonies increase and the double vocals chime in – chanting “350 times” in the background while you hear the lead vocals sing through the song. You can’t help but be immersed in the words and ultimately you believe in their fight.

The New York-based band Jonny Lives incorporate all musical elements quite well, and even though they try to make a statement, you don’t feel like you are being hit over the head with political agendas. If anything, the album is more a sing-a-long than a preaching.

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