Leeland – The Great Awakening album review

Leeland brings heart back to music with their new EP ‘The Great Awakening’.

Marking their fourth album to date, the three-time Grammy nominated band infuse a sense of beauty and empowerment into their music (even if their EP is only three songs long).

Following their 2009 album ‘Love is On the Move’, lead singer Leeland Mooring alongside brother Jack Mooring and for the first time, sister Shelly as well as drummer Mike Smith, create tracks with purpose.

Now, for a music aficionado that does not normally dabble into “worship music”, I found this album quite beautiful. You can’t help but be inspired. The first track, “The Great Awakening” shines with lovely harmonies. Right off the bat, the “angelic” atmosphere is set and I found myself singing along after a couple listens.

The vocals are simple and less “showy” rather, and the melodies of each track stand out. A song with a powerful meaning and just as powerful melody is undoubtedly “While We Sing”. You will have this song on repeat – if not for its lyrics, for its musical setup (for lack of a better word).

Simplicity is key for Leeland, and all musical aspects of the tracks complement each other.

What I found to be admirable is the idea that they don’t center around one instrument for their album. In one song, you have a powerful piano ballad, and for the second, you have a soft-guitar playing. The result? One track isn’t necessarily better than the other, they are just different from each other, and you take with it, different meaning and different experiences. Interesting how one song has that much effect on a person.

You don’t have to be a believer to love Leeland’s music, you just have to be open-minded.

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