S.C.U.M. – Again Into Eyes review

S.C.U.M.’s album, “Again Into Eyes,” reflects an interesting mix of genres come together to create music that sounds both familiar and foreign at once. The tracks sound like a blending of rock and metal, and at moments the lyrics seem to be even pop-influenced. At the same time, unexpected turns in the music and unusual chords suddenly placed in progressions keep the music sounding fresh and different.

The album opens with “Faith Unfolds,” a moderate tempo piece with moments of clear classic rock influence. The simple chorus, “We dreamed of faith,” is made interesting by the chords being played and the driving drum beat. The vocals are relaxed and clear and the piece is pleasant to listen to, much like one you would hear on a classic rock radio station.

“Amber Hands,” reflects more of a metal influence. While the lyrics sound like they could be interesting, it is next to impossible to understand them as they have been mixed with a reverb so thick that it makes all of the words blur together. Accompanied by layers of guitars and a heavy drum beat, this track, while sounding appealing, really just becomes a mash of sounds.

The aptly named “Requiem” is a bit unsettling, but still enjoyable. Beginning with thin layers of sound, it undergoes a gradual accelerando spread over about a minute’s time, as well as the layering on of sound to create a more classic piece. Lyrics are present, though again indiscernible due to the reverb, though perhaps the technique is on purpose. Just when it sounds like the piece will indeed become a classic song with verses and a chorus, the mood suddenly changes, turning eerie, and dying out with a single high tone.

“Again Into Eyes” is an album with both a familiar and a foreign feel. While the tracks all sound a bit like one another, there is enough variety to keep a listener entertained and interested.

By Paige Cerulli

Paige graduated from Westfield State College in 2010 with degrees in Music Performance and English. She is a freelance writer, flute teacher, and equine massage therapist living in Western Massachusetts. Paige hopes to attend graduate school in the future for music performance.

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