Dum Dum Girls – Only in Dreams review

You don’t typically see many all-female bands roaming any scene nowadays, so when I came across Dum Dum Girls, I was a tad skeptical. Not because I think women can’t produce quality music, as that’s incredibly far from the truth. In the past, all girl bands have been a little gimmicky, and you typically see them in tween-centered movies on the Disney Channel. But no, I think Dum Dum Girls’ “Only in Dreams” definitely has something to offer that you might just fancy.

“Always Looking” offers a pretty good sampler of what you’ll find on this record. Moderate pacing, crisp and fun vocals, and somewhat simplistic guitar work. There’s definitely a slight punk vibe to this indie pop band, which is comprised of members who go by nicknames like Dee Dee, Bambi, Sandy and Jules. The vocalist of the group has a hell of a voice behind her: rock, a bit of popstar, and a nice vocal range in general. If you want a good example of her talents, “Heartbeat” shows off what she can do pretty well. “Wasted Away” is another fun and faster-paced tune that deserves a listen. It’s just pure fun. I can’t describe it much better than that.

Another choice track is “Coming Down,” and while it may be the longest and slowest song on the album, it’s the most different one. It stands out for sure, with parts that are entirely carried by the vocalist. It’s an overall mellow, not too dramatic, and pleasant tune to listen to. The lyrics behind the tracks are mostly about love, whether unrequited or fulfilled, and that’s perfectly fine by me.

While much of the album’s instrumental work is simplistic and doesn’t differentiate between songs, there’s not much need for it to be. Sure, I’d like some variation here and there, like the aforementioned track, but it’s not like the record goes on for two hours of identical tracks. The record is supposed to sound like a faster paced and fun indie pop-rock album, and Dum Dum Girls pull it off rather well.

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