Cerebral Ballzy – Cerebral Ballzy review

Cerebral Ballzy’s self-titled debut is less like a homage to the NYHC scene and more like an imitation of it.  Formed in 2008 and based out of Brooklyn NY, Cerebral Ballzy is an energetic, fast paced and precipitously mundane album from start to finish.

There is a fine line between being influenced by a certain movement and trying to imitate one, and Cerebral Ballzy are constantly teetering on the edge.  With a name like theirs, and song titles like “Puke Song”, “Sk8 All Day”, and “Cutting Class”, it’s quite obvious that this band is trying to convey a more flippant attitude, which ironically is perhaps their only saving grace.

Not taking this album seriously is the best possible way to enjoy it.  Cerebral Ballzy aren’t trying to achieve greatness, in fact, they probably loathe the idea.  Instead, the group seems to idealize the sort of brazen, careless and naive feeling that dominated the 80’s punk scene and yearn to capitalize on it. By showing less composure and more crass, Cerebral Ballzy aim to canonize themselves along such similar-minded bands like Circle Jerks and The Meatmen.  For all the slack and banality, Cerebral Ballzy is surprisingly well produced, which, given their certain style and circumstance, is something that seems out of place.

The problem with making an album like this isn’t that it’s already been done,  there are plenty of instances where bands have copied a scene to great reception, it‘s that they simply don’t have anything substantial to offer. Cerebral Ballzy have gained a sizable cult following due to their energetic live performances. Unfortunately, that energy doesn’t transfer too well on this recording, as the overall feeling falls abruptly short of their intended mark.

The worst thing about Cerebral Ballzy isn’t their name; it’s the fact that their songs have no substance.  Trying to take yourself less seriously is one thing, but being completely bland and unaffected is another.  A talented group, but a mediocre first release, there may be some potential for this group in the future, though it’s hidden amidst all the forgettable songs.

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