Brett Anderson-Black Rainbows.

Groaning and moaning Brett Anderson releases black rainbows. This is Former vocalist of Suede and the Tears fourth solo album. I wish I could say I am impressed due to my appreciation for Suede and Anderson’s ability to sing androgynously and pain fueled. However this style is much better suited for the groundbreaking Antony or PJ Harvey.

Black Rainbows is more or less perpetually uninteresting. Anderson’s voice range has reached the point of unlistenable and doesn’t invite listeners in with anything particularly interesting. Despite the at times respectable and heartfelt lyrics the album drowns in its own sour melancholy. This is particularly so in opening tune “Unsung” which would be better off unsung and “Actors” which is as pleasurable as a root canal. Other than that there are no high lights or singular lowlights as the album is a drawn out drive into sucker which was not as potent in Anderson’s previous work.

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